"Mike Pirner is a joy to work with! His knowledge of format and eye-appeal for my website has been invaluable, and Iíve received many compliments on its design and color scheme. I appreciated his patience and guidance as we built a complex website."

Jo McDougall

"Mike Pirner with Browser Sites has provided us with a professional and contemporary website that reflects who we are as a business. In addition he has provided a personal touch by responding to change requests and maintaining communication with our staff. He understands the needs of small business owners. We receive numerous compliments on the appearance of our website."

Dr. Julie Dyer, DVM
Lakewood Animal Health Center

"Mike Pirner`s web-site services have been a huge asset to my work in the Kansas Legislature . Mike is always responsive and takes a proactive approach with his clients."

Lance Kinzer
State Representative
State Representative Lance Kinzer

"BrowserSites.com has provided a tremendous value for both my campaign and my time in the Kansas Legislature. Mike's design has given me an effective presence for my constituents and his affordable ongoing maintenance service allows me to focus on my job as a Senator while he takes care of the website. I highly recommend BrowserSites.com to anyone wanting an affordable and professional website."

Mary Pilcher Cook
State Senator
State Senator Mary Pilcher Cook

The goal of BrowserSites is to provide professional websites at affordable prices that will not bust your budget. Our target is companies which do not need high-end websites with a lot of "bells and whistles" but a professional looking, well organized site that is easy for people to navigate and is visually appealing. We will work without websites, people with websites who want an upgrade, and also on maintenance.

We desire to help out clients who don't have a website CREATE ONE! We will do a full new design, including graphics, text copying, text writing, photos, photo galleries, site organization, etc. We will work with you extensively to get a site that appeals to you and meets your needs. Because these vary, we will take great interest in getting to know the personality of your business and designing a website which matches it. We will also help setup your website through hosting and domain-buying services, though those costs are separate.

Maintenance is the post-design updating of your site and these needs vary greatly! Some people want to maintain a site on their own, some sites are information based and require rare updates. Others are the opposite--requiring daily maintenance.

Because of this great variation, the policy at BrowserSites is to negotiate maintenance contracts on a per project basis. We can negotiate contracts by time period, by project, or by "update".

Simply, we will work with you on a price that is fair and gets the job done.

Most companies that sell products or services have needs to send out emails periodically to a specified list. If you use a service such as Constant Contact, Rate Point, or other similiar entities, we can help you design a template for your email and will send those e-mails out as needed for you. Again, it's about letting you focus on your business while we focus on the communications.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr are increasingly vital parts of any business marketing plan. Whether you are a restaurant, a politician, a church, a veternarian, or any other business -- you need to be using these mediums, when appropriate. We will help set up your accounts, teach you how to use them, and maintain them if necessary.

Can I update the site on my own?
No, unless specifically agreed to by BrowserSites. Our system is based upon us updating the site and you to simply provide your changes to us in a timely manner. This allows for design integrity and consistency, website security, and prevents changes from being overridden by either our company or someone at your business. In extremely limited circumstances, such as a need for more-than-daily updates to a site, we will allow for this, but we ask our clients to tell us this upfront. If you wish to update your own sites, we are not the right vendor for you.

Do you have a site that is up but you're not happy with? Is it too plain or does it look too amateur for your tastes? Is it unorganized and "ugly"? Do you feel all these things but don't want to pay thousands to have it redone? Then come to BrowserSites...we will "redesign" and "upgrade" your site, working with you just like we would with a "new design" client.

What if I just need a graphic or banner designed??
We would be happy to help you! We will work with you on a price that is fair.

What is your policy on spamming?
We Are Spam-Free! The following is our Policy Against Spammers:

BrowserSites.com and its owner, Mike Pirner, will not do any business with known spammers -- that is, any pro-profit business, political campaign, or non-profit orginization that knowingly sends out or authorizes "mass e-mails" to large amounts of people unsolicited, unless those recipients have a personal or business relationship with the sender or have given previous "opt in" permission to receive messages from organizations or individuals related to the product, service, or message being communicated. In addition, any mass e-mail sent to legitimately-obtained unsolicited contacts must indicate where their email address was obtained. Furthermore, BrowserSites.com will fully comply with the federal CAN-SPAM ACT Of 2003 and applies those rules to political campaigns and non-profit organizations as well. Should BrowserSites.com become aware of any spamming by one of our clients, we will immediately cease any relationship with that client and ask that all BrowserSites.com-designed websites be removed within 72 hours.

For more on why we don't spam, click here.

What about higher end services?
We can do some of that work, and if it goes beyond what we are capable of time-wise, we will work with an outside company, and tell you upfront what our limits are.

Is there anyone you do not take?
We are a Christian-based company so we will reserve the right to reject business we feel is offensive or against the mission of our company. We will not promote illegal, immoral or unethical activity.

In addition, we try not to acquire too complicated of sites as business, as our goal is those who need simple sites that can be done relatively quickly.

All content, websites, and images Copyright of BrowserSites.com, unless otherwise specified.