"Mike Pirner is a joy to work with! His knowledge of format and eye-appeal for my website has been invaluable, and Iíve received many compliments on its design and color scheme. I appreciated his patience and guidance as we built a complex website."

Jo McDougall

"Mike Pirner with Browser Sites has provided us with a professional and contemporary website that reflects who we are as a business. In addition he has provided a personal touch by responding to change requests and maintaining communication with our staff. He understands the needs of small business owners. We receive numerous compliments on the appearance of our website."

Dr. Julie Dyer, DVM
Lakewood Animal Health Center

"BrowserSites.com has provided a tremendous value for both my campaign and my time in the Kansas Legislature. Mike's design has given me an effective presence for my constituents and his affordable ongoing maintenance service allows me to focus on my job as a Senator while he takes care of the website. I highly recommend BrowserSites.com to anyone wanting an affordable and professional website."

Mary Pilcher Cook
State Senator
State Senator Mary Pilcher Cook

The goal of BrowserSites is to provide professional websites at affordable prices that will not bust your budget. BrowserSites' pricing is done on a per project basis. Because every project is different, this can vary. However, below are some basic guidelines we use to determine a fair value for our services.

Our base rate for Initial Design is just $800. That covers a basic site, which includes a front page, one level of sub pages, graphics, an average amount of text, and under 5 photos.

This rate will be higher for extensive usage of photos or a photo gallery, a large amount of subpages, a third "level" of subpages, extensive text or writing, special features such as Java or message boards or forms, and other additions that go beyond a basic site.

This rate can go down for small, quick projects, such as individual resume/biography sites, etc. Please contact Mike Pirner for more information.

Maintenance is the post-design updating of the site and is priced separately. Maintenance needs vary greatly. Some people want to maintain a site on their own, in which this cost is not included. Some sites are information based and require rare updates. Others are the opposite--requiring daily maintenance.

Because of this great variation, the policy at BrowserSites is to negotiate maintenance contracts on a per project basis. We can negotiate contracts by time period, by project, or by "update".

Simply, we will work with you on a price that is fair and gets the job done.

Do you ever go lower than $800?
Yes, in cases where a site is very simple to design. Examples--no or very few subpages, few or no pictures, limited text. Examples of this would be a site for someone's resume and biography or blogs where you just want some graphic enhancement.

What about Redesigning? Does that price vary?
Redesigning a site, when done right, is similar to doing a project from scratch. In most cases, this means the cost to redesign a site will parallel the prices for new sites. However, you will find the result rewarding.

What if additional work goes beyond your capability?
In the event a design request exceeds the capabilites of BrowserSites, we will work directly with an outside company to meet your request, or refer you directly to them. If we contract with an individual or company ourselves, that will be included in the price.

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